I. produce prod‧uce 1 [ˈprɒdjuːs ǁ ˈproʊduːs] noun [uncountable] FARMING
food that has been grown on the land or produced in large quantities, using farming methods:

• Where it once offered 125 items of produce, A&P now sells 300 fruits and vegetables.

fresh produce

  [m0] II. produce pro‧duce 2 [prəˈdjuːs ǁ -ˈduːs] verb
1. [intransitive, transitive] MANUFACTURING FARMING to make or grow something in large quantities to be sold:

• The plant in Leningrad will produce parts used in building construction.

• The British assembly plants still don't produce as efficiently as those in Germany.

• Colombia produced a bumper (= very large ) coffee crop this year.

— see also mass-produce
2. [transitive] to make something happen or to have a particular result or effect:

• A strong market could mean sales will produce substantial profit gains.

• The planning sessions have not yet produced a coherent strategy.

3. [transitive] to control the preparation of a film, television programme etc, especially the amount of money spent making it:

• Disney's computer-animated film will be produced by Pixar.

4. [intransitive, transitive] to show an official document when it is needed, for example as proof of something:

• The judge ordered officials to produce financial records within three days.

* * *

produce UK US /prəˈdjuːs/ US  /prəˈduːs/ verb [T] PRODUCTION
to make or grow something to be sold: »

Foreign-owned companies now produce a quarter of our manufacturing output.


Unlike ethanol made from corn, not a drop of cellulosic ethanol is being commercially produced.

See also MASS PRODUCE(Cf. ↑mass produce)
to make a particular thing happen: »

The arrival of competition in the telecoms industry produced a surge of talent and innovation.

to organize the practical and financial arrangements for a film, television programme, etc.: »

He produced several current-affairs programmes before being appointed Chairman of the channel.

to provide something to be examined: »

Consultants produced a report recommending that 1,200 posts be cut.

produce UK US /ˈprɒdjuːs/ US  /prəˈduːs/ noun [U] PRODUCTION
food that has been grown on a farm, especially to be sold: »

dairy/fresh/organic produce

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